Fish The Western Aquatic Animal Veterinary Service began 15 years ago as an outreach service, for clients who were unable to present their aquatic pets to the veterinary clinic. A house-call to a pond site is recommended because sometimes owners do not recognize multiple fish involvement, especially if they are focused on one individual fish that is apparently ill. Over the years it has grown to provide veterinary medical services to private individuals as well as corporate aquascapes.

Services offered:
• Water Quality Analysis (basic and toxicological)
• Diagnostic Testing
    o Skin, fin, gill or fecal evaluations for parasite indentification and treatment
    o Comprehensive piscine profiles for complete blood counts and serum chemistries
    o Bacterial/fungal cultures and sensitivities of wounds
    o Serology/PCR testing for Koi Herpes Virus, Carp Pox and other fish diseases
    o Cytology
    o Histopathology
• Treatment Implementation and Owner Instruction
• Nutritional/Husbandry Consultation
• Individual Animal and Herd Health Management
• Complete Post-Mortem Examinations

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